1. Places to practise

Vipassana practise in Roma: Ameco. Teacher: Prof. Corrado Pensa.

2. Retreat centres

Monastery Santacittarama (55 km outside Roma). Abbot: Venerable Ajahn Chandapalo.
Retreat center Piandeiciglieci. Various well-known teachers.
Retreat centre Beatenberg, Switzerland. Various well-known teachers.
Retreat center Gaia house, United Kingdom. Various well-known teachers.

3. Retreats

Vipassana intensive and light retreats
Also information on other retreats on this page

4. Journals

Insight journal
Access to Insight
Sati (Journal of Ameco, in Italian)

5. Modern books

Nyanaponika Mahathera: The Heart of Buddhist Meditation
Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield: The Path of Insight Meditation
Joseph Goldstein: Insight meditation, the Practice of Freedom
Andrew Olendzky: Unlimiting Mind: The Radically Experiential Psychology of Buddhism
Joseph Goldstein: Mindfulness
Shaila Catherine: Focused and Fearless: A Meditator’s Guide to States of Deep Joy, Calm and Clarity, Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2008. ISBN 978-0-86171-560-2
Shaila Catherine: Wisdom Wide and Deep: A Practical Handbook for Mastering Jhanā and Vipassanā, Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2011. ISBN 978-0-86171-623-4

6. Classical books

Bhikkhu Bodhi: In Buddha’s Words (anthology)
From the Pali Canon: Digha Nikaya, Majjhima Nikaya, Samyutta Nikaya
Buddhagosa: Path of Purification (Visuddhimagga)
Commentary on the Abhidhamma: by Acariya Annuruda

7. Papers and talks

By Bhikkhu Bodhi
Dhamma pages by  Henk Barendregt

8. Clinical applications

Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR)
Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT)

9. Music

Traditional Japanese Music (master piece; some excerpts available)

10. Buddhist art, sculptures and places

* Museum Giuseppe Tucci, for Oriental Art, Roma

* Miroko Buddha, Koryu Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Miroku Buddha

* Borobudur Temple, Java, Indonesia