Summary 2

The Five Helpers

It cannot be emphasized enough how crucial are mind-states. They determine whether we are creative or destructive, happy or depressed, calm or restless. In short: mind-states determine the quality of our lives. If we spill a capuccino, then we usually clean it immediately. If we have a negative mind-state, i.e. one that leads to suffering, then we often do not do anything: because we don’t know that one can do anything at all. But one can.

The five helpers: 1. Confidence; 2. effort; 3. mindfulness; 4. concentration; 5. knowledge.

It is important that mindfulness is pure: observing without judgement, or hidden agenda. Only then it works. Create a small distance between observation and its content. Not between the observer (subject) and the object. There is no subject: just observation.