Summary 1

The Path and the Five Hindrances

The path
discipline — concentration — insight (= purification step)

Sitting straight but relaxed, not moving; paying attention to the rise and fall of the abdomen.
Walking straight but relaxed; paying attention to the movement of the foot; opening eyes, looking forward at infinity; making a rest between two steps, with both feet firmly on the ground.

We do not do a breathing or walking exercise, but an attention exercise. Use naming and noting, both with awareness having a small distance from the object. Without judgement or wish to change yourself.

Hindrances 1. desire; 2. aversion; 3. restlessness; 4. sleepiness; 5. doubt.

Switching Pay attention to primary meditation object. If a ‘visitor’ comes, that is more prominent, then switch by naming or noting that object and return. If it is a thought, then call it ‘thinking’, not by the content of the thinking. If it is a sound, call it ‘hearing’, not the content/meaning of the sound. For example if a police car comes by that is prominent, then you note ‘hearing, hearing’, and since we often can’t avoid knowing that it is a police car, we say ‘thinking’, and return to the basis exercise.