Course Vipassana Meditation

During the fall of 2011 there will be an introduction course Vipassana Meditation for students and faculty of the Department of Psychology of Sapienza University, Rome, and for anyone who likes to follow it. The course (in Italian) is free of charge.

Teacher is Henk Barendregt (The Netherlands).

The course consists of 6 weekly sessions (17:15-18:45) and one day of intensive practice (09:15-17:15). The weekly sessions are at the Department of Psychology, Sapienza University, Via dei Marsi 78, Roma. The day is held at the Centro L’Arco di Roma, Piazza Dante 15, Roma.

Lesson 1. Tuesday 11 October (17:15-18:45), Aula 3

Lesson 2. Monday 17 October (17:15-18:45), Aula 3

Lesson 3. Monday 24 October (17:15-18:45), Aula XII (piano 3)

Lesson 4. Tuesday 8 November (17:15-18:45), Aula 3

Lesson 5. Tuesday 15 November (17:15-18:45), Aula 3

Lesson 6. Tuesday 22 November (17:15-18:45), Aula 3

Silence day. Either Saturday 26 November or Sunday 27 November
or both. (09:15-17:15), Centro L’Arco. Registration for silence day is closed.

Participants are kindly asked to arrive at 17:00 (or 09:00 on the retreat) so that one can start at 17:15 (or 09:15) precisely.

Registration for anyone intending to come at least four times, by sending an email to Prof. Antonino Raffone.  If needed you can email the teacher for extra instructions.

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